(Making) Android Privacy Guide

[linkstandalone] So I recently released my website Android Privacy Guide after working on it for a few months so I thought now would be a good idea to talk about it somewhere. This project has been something I have been doing on the side along with a bunch of other, bigger, stuff that I'll hopefully be putting out soon. Anyway here are some questions I thought it would be useful (to someone I guess) to answer.


There are countless useful articles, resrouces and videos about digital privacy online however information regarding privacy on Android specifically is much harder to come by (even more so aggregated). By having a single website containing as much useful information regarding privacy on android as I could find makes it easier for those new to the subject to understand all that is involved. By doing this, I hope it will be easy to link this resource to someone in the same way one would with privacytools.io as an easy to understand primer.

Is it done?

Nope! Whenever there are new developments or changes that need to be made regarding the information I provide, I will be trying to update it as soon as possible. I'm hoping by making the page public, I'll get suggestions and feedback I can implement. Also theres the issue that the entire mobile site looks... bad, which isnt ideal for a page regarding a mobile operating system. This should be done soon though!

On a different note...

It's been good to actually document the things I've made like this and I regret not doing it more often. In future I might try doing a log and I will definatley be updating this page more often as I find stuff to talk about. If you've stumbled across this somehow, thanks for reading!