Welcome to my site!


So, I think I have my site just about where I want it for the time being and I need to test my RSS feed so here's my first post I guess.

This has been something I have been putting off for a while, as my site was initially just going to be sort of an online CV - but that's boring and I wanted to get better at HTML/CSS anyway so I made this blog page too. At the moment, I'm hosting this website through GitHub pages, which has been pretty handy to be fair as I can simply modify my files and push them when they're not totally broken.

I ended up using a neat little script I found to push posts to my HTML and RSS files directly. This means I don't need to mess around with something like a Wordpress or Tumblr blog, and can make things look pretty using my CSS file.

There isn't really going to be a schedule to this per-se, and I'm just going to post whenever I can think of something worth talking about, but I plan to make a post talking about my workflow and how I approach programming sometime soon.